Project Crusade - Lineage 2 Classic High Five Test Server

New World Assassin x3

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If melancholy is what you are coping with, join the Lineage 2 Classic High Five server and dive into a world of epic adventures and battles!
Time until OBT starts:
Opening June 3
Opening June 3
The game server ASSASIN is preparing for its official launch. Don't forget to stay tuned for updates to be the first to know about the start.
Open Beta Test May 22
Open Beta Test May 22
The game server ASSASIN announces the launch of the open beta testing in May. Everyone who is interested will be able to join the testing and experience the game before the official release.
Closed Beta Test starts on April 14th.
Closed Beta Test starts on April 14th.
On April 14th, the closed beta test will start on the ASSASIN server. Testers who have applied will participate in the testing to identify and fix any possible errors.
Server Features
The main advantages of our server compared to all others.
Referral system
Referral system and cooperation.
We invite the entire Lineage 2 community from all over the world to cooperate with us and we will find a place for everyone. Our unique referral system offers rewards for donations made by your referrals, and your referrals receive "valuable prizes" in return (click on the topic in the news, number 2). The most active partners will be able to share a prize pool of $5,000 for the largest number of active players referred by the end of the month.
Game version and chronicles.
Game version.
Play comfortably in Lineage 2 Essence with the latest Assassin update!
The new class, Assassin, is already waiting for you!
Fully preserves the original spirit of Lineage 2, according to the official server by 99%!
Convenient additions and integrations from projectcrusade developers! Save your time and energy with a unique and multifunctional auto-hunting feature and focus on what you really enjoy!
The main points
The main gameplay features of our server
• EXP/SP x3 Adena/Drop/Spoil x1;
• Automatic synthesis and enchanting are available;
• Gradual introduction of content and game items;
• Gradual restrictions on enchanting game items.

Why choose Project Crusade instead of any other?

We offer you a unique gaming experience that you won't find in any other project. We have carefully thought out every aspect of the game to create an unforgettable gaming world.
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